Hooking Up As A Dominant

“Act as a dominant to her”

If you know for a fact that you’re into BDSM and you’re a Dominant, then you’re going to be presented with a lot of different options. There are a lot of ladies out there that really want a man that’s experienced in the world of BDSM, and when you’re on the top Internet hookup websites, that’s just going to be an incredibly common occurrence. That’s why you always need to be at the top of your game, so make sure that you’ve got everything ready in your arsenal to please a submissive hookup, and go for it the next time that you’re hooking up in Alberta.

Discuss Your Safe Word

“Plan a safe word before you engage in something kinky”

You should never, ever end up hooking up with a submissive that doesn’t want to use a safe word. If she just doesn’t seem interested in a safe word at all, then you definitely need to turn her away and tell her to come back once she’s entirely aware of the world of BDSM and what it entails. In situations like this, you should always be reminded that safe words are going to protect you as much as they are your sub, and that’s why you should always make sure to have one in place.

Once you have a safe word hammered out, that’s when you can be sure that the hookup that you’re going to have will be more acceptable and a lot of fun. You just never need to dive into a hookup that doesn’t have a safe word in place, especially if you’re going to delve into any sort of consent play. It will never end well for either of you, and you could actually get into some pretty bad legal trouble if your hookup ends up saying that you did something without her consent.

Discuss Your Scenarios

“Let her know what you are looking for”

When you’re hooking up with a submissive for a single sex date, it’s important that you hammer out all the details of your hookup beforehand. The top Internet hookup websites will make this easy with the messaging systems that they have, but you should also consider getting one another’s phone numbers and really talking to one another about what it is exactly that you want to do in the bedroom together.

There are an unlimited number of scenarios that the two of you can act out, and as a Dominant, you obviously already know this. It’s all a matter of what the two of you want to do in Alberta, and it’s all a matter of what she’s particularly interested in. This is why discussions are so important about this sort of thing, so don’t hesitate to ask a ton of questions, and never avoid any questions that she has for you, either. The more you chat about these kinds of things, the more satisfied you’ll both be at the end of your hookup, and the more likely you’ll want to hookup with one another again in the future for the next scenario that you have planned.

Prepare Your Kit

Any good Dominant should have a kit always at the ready. The last thing you want to be when you go to any hookup is unprepared, and as a Dominant, you’re expected to be that much more on top of things for your submissive. It’s up to you have everything that you need, and you should never depend on your submissive to bring certain things unless it has been discussed at length beforehand.

There are obviously a lot of different scenarios that can occur, and with that in mind, you might need to change up your kit a bit depending on them. It’s all a matter of what she wants and what you want as well, so make sure that you pack accordingly, have everything in place, and always play by the rules that the two of you have set. If she doesn’t like flogging, don’t bring floggers ‘just in case.’ It’s just going to make her nervous, and you really don’t want to see a bad review about you on the top Internet hookup websites. When you are planning to date Canadian women, you have to be prepared for anything. Read the reviews of the best adult dating sites to get some insights.

Think About Location

“Themed Hotels will be a good choice”

Hooking up as a BDSM pair is a bit different than any usual hookup, and that’s why the two of you should discuss where exactly you want it all to happen. Hotels are still a very popular option, especially if you end up hooking up at a hotel that has BDSM themed rooms. These kinds of hotels are becoming more and more common lately, and that’s the kind of thing you two might want to experience during one of your sex dates.

If you don’t want to bother with a hotel, then we suggest maybe the convenience of a BDSM dungeon. There are a lot of different options that come to mind with using a dungeon, and you really can’t deny the fact that there will be a ton of different options there for you. Most dungeons have furniture that you’d never have a chance to use otherwise, and that means an added level of excitement when it comes to your first hookup together.

If You Don’t Hit It Off, That’s Okay

“You can always find someone better”

You’re not always going to really be into the submissive that you end up hooking up with. There’s always a certain chemistry that’s involved whenever you try to find a partner in BDSM, and if it just doesn’t click between the two of you in the bedroom, there’s nothing wrong that you’ve done. It’s all a matter of finding the perfect person to do this sort of thing with, and that’s why it might take a bit of trial and error to find the perfect woman to hookup with regarding this.

As a Dominant, however, you should always be prepared to carry your submissive through the storm. No matter how the evening ends, make sure that you care for your submissive accordingly, and never neglect them. This will make you out to be that much better of a Dominant, and you will definitely attract more (and better) submissives in the future.

Keep Records

As a Dominant looking for casual hookups, you should take special care to really record the hookups that you have. Make notes about the submissives that you’ve had, and make sure that you’re very thorough. That way, you’ll really be able to find someone that you liked more than others, and that might spell the potential for more in-depth scenarios and sessions in the future that satisfy you in ways that your previous partners never could.

No matter what you decide to do, it’s important that you take the time to really take care of your submissives. Even if you weren’t wowed by one of them, you should still take care of her…and then, you simply never have to see her again. It’s a win-win situation for both of you, and you should be able to at least fake it through an evening with a submissive that you don’t particularly enjoy. No matter how good or bad it is, stick with it, and eventually you’ll end up finding a submissive hookup that really suits your tastes. We’ve been there, so we know how difficult it can be to find the perfect submissive woman.

What Your Profile Picture Says about You

One of the most important parts of online dating is the profile picture. In fact, if you even want to consider as site like AshleyMadison.com, you have to have more than one prepared or your competition is going to leave you in the dust. What kind of pictures should you be using, however, and what are your choices going to tell potential dates? It all comes down to who you want to appeal to and what you to want to get out of the dating search. After all, flings, companionship, and soul mates are all very different things. Likewise, the women who would be interested in all of those different options are going to respond favorably to different kinds of pictures. So should you have one for each flavor, just in case? Or does it make more sense to narrow your field and only post pictures designed to get you responses from only sort of women you are after?

When You Don’t Have One at All

"Don't expect responses to come your way without a profile picture"

“Don’t expect responses to come your way without a profile picture” 

Well, first thing’s first: you need to have a profile picture. You could sign up for the best married fling website you can find and still not get any responses without a photo. Here’s the breakdown. A missing picture instantly raises flags for most women. They start asking themselves why a guy who wants to hook up with women online is only interested in seeing them, but not allowing them to see him. It can get paranoid really fast. This is not just a matter of wondering if you are too self-conscious, ugly, or overweight. What they are really concerned about are things like if you are going to stalk or hurt them in some way and don’t want to be easily traced. Not having a photo of yourself on an online dating site – especially one less focused on dating and more on straight up booty calls – doesn’t just start down that path, either: it more or less ends there. Most women are going to look at something like that and think if this guy can’t be bothered to put his photo on the website when he expects to sample the wares beforehand, even in the best scenario he is probably too selfish to be a good lover. Why should she bother?

In that one paragraph alone we covered ugly, selfish, creepy and possible stalker just from a lack of profile picture. Even if it’s just a badly lit selfie, it’s better than nothing. As we mentioned before, more is always going to be better, but none is absolutely the worst. If you don’t have something on hand, or the time or ability to get one fast, be prepared to throw away that user name even if you do manage to get someone to respond. You don’t want to be associated with a no face creep for your entire stay on the site no matter which one you chose.

All Your Shots Are Half Dressed Selfies

"This is a good picture but not as good to be your profile picture"

“This is a good picture but not as good to be your profile picture” 

The easiest step up from no profile picture at all is the selfie. In fact, you might even have a whole slew of them. That’s really not as bad as some people make it out to be, especially if they are all various states of undress. One caveat here, however, is that this is only a positive thing if you are very clearly just looking for a sexual hook up. If you are on a dating site to actually find someone to date, showing off a bunch of half to completely naked pictures of yourself is really not going to appeal in the same way as looking sharp in business clothes, for example, might attract a different kind of woman to your profile.
As we mentioned before, it all ultimately comes down to who and what you want. If you want to attracted women who spend less time looking for the best married fling website and more time trying to find a good lay, then going out of your way to have a whole group of photos that show off all the reasons a woman would want to sleep with you makes sense. This sort of thing should be fairly straight forward, since half naked women tends to have the same effects on us when we scroll through profiles. Obviously, being pretty is only part of the package: the question is how is she pretty? If her profile is filled with pictures of her in bikinis, or raving at parties, then she’s confident in showing off her body and willing to have a good time and it raises our interests if we want the same. Women look at our profiles in the same way. If she is browsing around and finds a profile with a bunch of photos of some guy half naked taking pictures in his mirror, and she finds him attractive, she is also going to assume he’s more interested in women who want to touch.

Everything Is from the Same Angle

"Try changing the angle for a better picture"

“Try changing the angle for a better picture” 

This might seem like a rehash of the selfie, but this sort of thing actually applies in a lot more cases. There are, for example, profile pictures all over AshleyMadison.com that come from friends’ cameras and professional shots as well. That, in general, is going to be a positive thing. If it looks like someone else took the majority of the photos on the profile, people are automatically going to think of you as more outgoing than guys that have a bunch of selfies and that’s it. Additionally, anyone who bothered to get a professional shot for one or two pictures is going to be a little more broadly sought after than guys who didn’t not only because they took the initiative to get something nice like that and put it up, but also because professionals really know their stuff and usually end up making you look better.

If, however, a lot of your photos, professional or otherwise, all come from the same angle, it all starts to look the same. Any service that considers itself the best married fling website can tell you that monotony is no way to stand out in the crowd. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. So don’t come off boring and if you have more than one shot from the same angle, choose the better one and only post that.

There Is Just One and It’s a Professional Headshot

"Add a few more pictures of yourself to get responses from women"

“Add a few more pictures of yourself to get responses from women” 

Lastly, you have the professional headshot. It’s not as though it is one among many headshots, but it also is not as helpful as even one partially body length selfie could be. If you are about to make a profile on a popular cheating site, your picture has to be perfect. Visit marriedflingsguide.co.uk and check some of the UK married profiles to get some ideas for your headshot. Women who see this scenario think of a couple of things right off the bat. First, they might wonder if the photo was ripped from somewhere else online and steer clear of the account. If, however, they somehow manage to avoid this impression, there is the second chance that she might instead just compare it to a resume more than a profile page. In fact, the entire affect is much more one that says you are applying for a position rather than looking for someone yourself. If you want to attract women interested in taking the initiative, this is a good way to do it, but in most cases you are really better off adding in some other photos at least.

Why Opposites Really Don’t Attract

"Do the opposites really attract? We don't think so"

“Do the opposites really attract? We don’t think so” 

When it comes to finding the right person, there is no shortage of advice on where to find attraction, lust and love, or how to handle any of them. Just because that advice is readily available and repeated, however, does not necessarily make it right. The most obvious example of that is when people say opposites attract. In actuality, opposites are the people least likely to get along. That means a lot of extra effort put into a relationship you are going to struggle just to get through, let alone get something out of. That means putting up a fight for every ideal, moral and vague preference. That means catering to someone who is so fundamentally different in the way she thinks and deals with things that you want to slam your head into a wall instead of actually engage in a conversation. If that sounds appealing to you, you are probably still romanticizing something that is ultimately going to drive you crazy. Things would get a lot crazier, if you have met her on a scam site like justhookup. You should read the review of this site and try to find some real online hotties that you have something similar with.

Nothing will Ever be Easy

"You can't come up a single activity that you both like to do"

“You can’t come up a single activity that you both like to do” 

This is the sad and potent truth of any relationship built with someone who opposes you at every turn. Either you are on equal footing and therefor in constant contention with one another, or someone is constantly having their wants and needs ignored in favor of the other. There really is no in-between. Compromise does not exist in a relationship built on the law of magnetic attraction. The moment one person rolls over for the other, you have started a pattern you can expect to continue until you can’t take it any more. Whether you end up back on the computer looking for Canadian women dating online or find yourself dreading dealing with her inevitable disagreement over yet another thing, eventually you won’t be able to take it anymore. Or she won’t.

Let’s be honest; if you are in a relationship with someone you consider to truly be your opposite and not just someone who functions at different times of the day or who has a few differing opinions, but a women compared to whom you hold fundamentally different worldviews and you don’t think there is any lingering tension, it’s because you are winning. She is the one constantly deferring to your opinion your wants and your needs over her own, even when she disagrees. It can be hard to admit to this, especially if you really enjoy getting your way and the relationship you are in. For her, however, always being the one to make the concession just isn’t healthy and you are more or less taking advantage of the fact that she is willing to set aside her own wants, needs and preferences for the sake of your happiness and shared relationship.

In short, you need to stop. In the case where you are the one making all of the concessions, you still need to stop. Either way one party is inevitably being taken advantage of and that really isn’t a good place to be. If you think you are in a relationship that falls under the category of opposites attract and don’t find yourself in contention for literally everything, sit back, take a deep breath and really look at what is going on. Ask your friends and family what they think. See if you really are all that different, or if you are just focusing on the differences amongst a sea of similarities. Chances are, it’s more likely that you have more in common than you realize. If that doesn’t turn out to be the case, you probably aren’t in a long lasting or equally beneficial relationship and really need to consider ending it before one of you ends up seriously hurt. Hanging on to something that isn’t real just because it’s comfortable is the definition of a dick move. Don’t be that guy.

You Already Fool Around or She Does

"Things will not work out"

“Things will not work out” 

One of the most common reasons for couples to break up is sexual incompatibility. If you find yourself resorting to looking up Canadian women dating online while you are still attached, or notice her fooling around on backwater sites like JustHookup.com, that should be all the clue you need to realize it isn’t working out. One of the reasons the rule of opposites doesn’t work as well with people as it does with magnets is simply that opposing preferences aren’t always complimentary. Specifically, what we mean is that if you are a dominant in the bedroom and she is a submissive, you are not necessarily opposites, because you both enjoy the same kink in different ways. A true definition of being opposite is when all of your bedroom preferences are in actual opposition to each other. She likes it hard and fast and rough and you want to seduce her slowly and passionately. That is opposite. You want a little BDSM play in the bedroom and she can’t bring herself to even try it is opposite. Being opposite by nature is going to mean you literally disagree on the most important aspects of actually being together. This is different from being complimentary to one another. A lot of people tend to mix the two up and then can’t figure out why things don’t work out.

You Won’t Come to a Consensus on Anything Important

"You can't reach a conclusion without fighting"

“You can’t reach a conclusion without fighting” 

No matter how willing you might be to compromise on things, it will never be a consensus. The two are very different, and while compromise is useful, when it is used to resolve literally everything between you, there is going to be some resentment and ruffled feathers no matter how amicable things seem. Without something in common aside from the relationship itself, you have nothing to bond over or really share with one another. Frustration going to build on one side if not the other until you find yourself back on another web search for Canadian women dating online. With relationships built entirely on compromise or one person constantly giving in to the other, frustration is inevitable. Whether one of you looks elsewhere while you are still attached or not depends mostly on you and the situation itself, but the likelihood of someone cheating to get what they need elsewhere is much higher here than in a relationship that can be built on mutual agreement and shared values.

The point we really want to make here is that saying opposites attract is a misnomer that leads a lot of people into bad relationships. What you really want to look for is someone who can complement you. Being opposed to one another is not the key to success, being complimentary is a much better indication that the relationship will work out. You might be a morning person while she is a night owl. Maybe one of you works with emerging technologies and the other finds completion in the humanities. These are not examples of opposites, but rather complimentary positions that you can both benefit from. Chances are somewhere in the mess of schedule differences, careers and preferred activities is a set of shared values, a common background, or some other trait or activity you can both bond over just agreeing with one another on. That is not an example of meeting in the middle, it is an example of forming a consensus, which you are really going to need on key matters if you hope to stay together for an extended length of time.

Tips on Choosing the Right Mobile Phone for Your Kids

Studies from the National Literary Trust reveal that 86% of school-age kids own a mobile phone. Kids getting a phone are getting younger and younger now-a-days and it’s easy for parents to allow children to have their own mobile phones. With a mobile phone, parents will feel relieved knowing that they can contact their children anytime. Or in case there is an emergency, kids can also use it to contact them.

However, mobile phones also come with hidden dangers for kids. Take for example, texting which is a mobile phone application allows kids to easily send messages to their friends. But, texting can also be used as a method for cyber bullying. Text messaging is also known to contribute to children’s poor spelling and writing skills. Texting usually uses abbreviations and misspelled words. Mobile phones can also distract the kids from their schoolwork. Adults also make the mistake of mixing work with pleasure and we often multi-task. You may find your kid socializing on the phone while doing homework.

As parents, it is vital you weigh the pros and cons. Most parents are able to gauge if their kids are ready for having their own mobile phones and it’s up to you to decide. If you’re already decided on buying a mobile phone for your kid, then let us discuss about the tips on choosing the right mobile phone.

1. Choose PAYG contracts.

“Best way to go”

“Best way to go”

If you don’t want to receive shocking phone bills then the best phone contract is the pay-as-you-go (PAYG) deal. PAYG gives parents a peace of mind because the kids can stick to the monthly limit for calls and texts. It’s a way of controlling the kids’ spending.
If you’re worried if your kids may end up stranded without any means to call, certain mobile carriers offer added options such as credit buffer or emergency credits.

2. Consider the phone features included.

“User friendly and age appropriate features”

“User friendly and age appropriate features”

Smartphones offer great contents such as apps and games. One of the common features of Smartphones is the ability to access the web. Mobile networks do have policies on internet browsing. Check with your network’s mobile internet policy to verify what internet protection they can offer. Digital Camera is also another cool feature of mobile phones. It is a fun feature but it can also cause danger to kids. Pictures and videos can easily be taken and worse, posted online. Talk to your kid and explain to them the importance of personal data.
There are different brands of mobile phones in the market today. You can choose among those mobile phones that only offer call and text features or you can get those Smartphones that comes with many applications. Just remember that mobile phones can also lure thieves so you need to educate your kids about how to secure their mobile phone.
Mobile phones are a great start for kids to stay connected but parents should also keep themselves aware and alert about possible risks. Allow your kids to immerse into the amazing technology driven world but never forget that spending quality time with your kids will always exists.

What Do You Do When You Need To Pull The Plug On Your Relationship

“Do you know when to pull the plug on the relationship?”

“Do you know when to pull the plug on the relationship?”

When a relationship is on the rocks or doesn’t turn out the way both parties expect talking about it is the safest way to deal with the problem. Most of the time it works, but there are instances where the healthier option is to go your own separate ways.

Nobody likes to be the first to break off a relationship. It takes maturity and courage but the process has to be done if you want to make a fresh and healthy start.

Dealing with the Pain

Despite all the best intentions, however, breakups will always involve pain. Not all people have the same coping mechanisms and it takes certain maturity to deal with the loss.

It’s ok to take the time to grieve over what cannot be fixed. It’s a difficult time for both parties whether you’re the one letting go or the one getting dumped. And yes, it’s ok to play sad songs and catch up with friends.

When one party clings to the relationship despite the fact that the healthier option is to end, drama is likely to occur.

Avoiding the drama

“Too much drama? – Walk away”

“Too much drama? – Walk away”

Issues of insecurity or unresolved emotional baggage, is always the root cause of drama in relationships. In order to avoid the mess and cut pain to a minimum observing these tips can help you get by, dealing in over your breakup.

1. Do it in person. – Let’s face it; there is no proper way to break off a relationship except face to face. No one wants to get a brush off through e-mail and it’s certainly ill-mannered to just leave a person hanging with no explanation. If you care enough for your ex, the least you can do is to avoid telling the bad news in person.

2. Do it privately. – When you’ve been mulling over a decision to break up, choose a place where both of you can have the privacy to express your feelings. A restaurant is a bad choice to ditch someone. Situations like this can bring angry feelings to the surface and you may want to save yourself the trouble of picking up broken pieces in front of 50 pairs of questioning eyes.

3. Don’t make up lies. – Whether the reason for your breakup is another party or you just can’t stand your ex making that unnecessary comment about your hair anymore, telling the truth in the long run is the more prudent course of action.
You may be tempted to lessen the pain or save yourself from being the bad guy, by playing the blame game. Bad karma has a way of catching up and you certainly don’t want to get the short end of the stick later on, do you?

4. Respect boundaries and be firm with yours. – Watch out for little red flags. Does your ex make drunken calls at midnight? Threaten you? Leave angry messages in your Facebook account?

In her blog, Baggage Reclaim, Natalie Lue talks about the no contact rule. Breaking up not only means the end of the relationship but also the end of certain agreements with both parties enjoyed with each other. It is an effective way of telling someone it’s over while allowing you the space to heal and rebuild so you can move on with your life.

Keep your distance. Once your ex understands that you can’t be strong armed, he or she will learn to respect your decision.

What now?

Breaking up is painful business, but sometimes it must be done. Do not exhaust your energy by getting involved in useless drama. Concentrate on building your energy and self-esteem so you can get you back on track and live your life once again.

Stand Up and Drive those Bad Habits Away

Bad habits die hard. This is usually the motto of people having bad habits who are always making excuses when someone tries to stop them from these deeds. Obviously, people develop habits from time to time as they progressed and mature. There are those good habits which are very good to hear and are great signs of progress – observing cleanliness at all times, being disciplined with time, and being productive with everything they do.

“Break the Bad habits”

“Break the Bad habits”

Of course, as human as we are, we still have limitations and we know that there are really those times that we can neglect doing these “good habits”. But what’s more important is that we stick to it and we live by it. And for those who have developed “not-so-good” habits like smoking and drinking regularly (which we all know is bad for our health), being messy and just leave everything at random, and being a Shopaholic whenever pay day comes without saving anything from the salary, it’s still not late to change and break those bad habits. It may be easier said than done but if we really pursue to make it happen, it will. You can take note of the following tips to help you break and forget bad habits easily.


This is about totally turning back on that “bad” habit, especially if it’s your health that is at stake. The most common examples of this would be smoking and drinking or even drugs. We all know that these things are really bad for our health. It has not ever told us that these habits can do good to us even just for a second. Think about your love ones and forget it. You may think it’s not easy and you’re right especially if this is already a habit. But keep in mind that it’s not only yourself that will be affected in the long run but it is your family utmost so you better STOP.

Finding a Replacement

“It’s your health on the line – Choose wisely”

“It’s your health on the line – Choose wisely”

If you have been doing that “bad” habit because of nothing else to do, try to look around you and you will see lots of opportunities to turn away from that bad habit and gradually shift to good ones. You can consider thinking about your friends or families who have been so much worried of your old habit. You can bond with them and do sports instead. And for smoking, you can have candies or chewing gums instead when temptation to smoke arises.

Personal Belief to Change

Be aware that you are in control of your feelings and actions so everything you do are all attributed to you, right? So, changing your own feelings towards bad habits can be a great way of dropping it. No one can be able to change you but you so take charge and be free from those “bad” habits that have been pestering you all your life.

Good Credit Is On The Way In 1… 2… 3!

There are many things in life that do not come for free, actually basically everything has a price you should pay in order for you to attain that certain object. Some of these come off as pricey, and would take time to pay for in cash. Thankfully, nowadays there is the credit card, where you can get what you want almost instantly and just pay later. But you know what they say, with great power comes great responsibility.

Yes, the credit card may be a shopper’s best friend, but it could also be the devil’s advocate. You can swipe and swipe all you can with your credit card but watch out, this can lead to you having extremely bad credit. This is what happens when there is excessive spending with your credit card, but minimal paying back what you owe. Do not let this happen. This can lead to many bad things like going bankrupt, and having banks endlessly ringing up your phone and going after you like hunting dogs in order for you to pay your debt.
But if ever it cannot be helped and this does eventually happen to you, God forbid, there are three tips to improve really bad credit before it is too late.

Get a copy of your credit report

“Keep a track of every swipe and get a report”

“Keep a track of every swipe and get a report”

Getting a copy of your own credit report is free; you do not have to worry about spending again just to get a report. This credit report has everything, all of the payments that you owe and just how much you owe. Once you get a copy of this check it, double check it, triple check it! You will never know of any errors that may lie within the report, late payments may have been listed there as not having paid yet. Once you find these errors, it is only rational that you talk with the credit bureau or reporting agency about the error.

Put up reminders of your payments

Being able to pay on time can greatly improve your bad credit. Some banks actually send their own reminders to their clients via email or a text message to remind you when your payment is due. This could also prevent the late payment error that can occur and show up in your credit report as mentioned above. Plus, once you are able to pay on time that is one less debt to worry about.

Control and try to reduce all your debts

“Stop carrying a Debt”

“Stop carrying a Debt”

The key word here is to reduce and not to increase. Stop using your credit cards and start paying off your dues. Starting with the ones with the highest interest rates, to keep track of everything make a payment plan. Starting with the higher interest rates by getting rid of the hardest of your problems, so you will be able to relax a bit later.
So there are the three easy tips to improve bad credit. But remember; make sure to stay away from that situation as much as possible.

How to Avoid Arguments with People You Hate at Work

“Avoid arguments at work”

“Avoid arguments at work”

You cannot please everybody, neither can everybody please you. You may like most, and since that does not mean all, you do not like some. Sometimes, what you do not like can really overlap to the hate category. If there is someone you hate at work, you sure do not want to be in a situation where arguments are hurled back and forth, unless you are argumentative yourself.

Arguments happen, most of the time because both are willing objects to get into one. The human nature of asserting one’s point almost always exists. Rarely does one give in for the sake of peace. When such people clash into an argument, it is almost hopeless to find peace. Damage is likely to happen, physically, emotionally, and it usually goes a long way since the same people are also grudge planters and growers which also make them historical every now and then. They may forgive but they rarely forget.

If you are not one of them, but you get caught in an argument with someone at work, whom you do not like, or even hate, what can you do to avoid such encounters?

1. Make sure you are not wrong.

Ask others because it may be only you who could be thinking that you are right and the other person is wrong. Have an open mind about it.

2. Show respect.

If there is no right or wrong answer, rather, a belief, respect the other’s opinion and agree to disagree.

3. Get them aware.

Let everyone know that you believe it takes two to an argument and you do not want to be part of it. Make a poster displayed on your office wall or table so that everyone is aware of it so that by the time you bail out, they know that you purposely have done so.

4. Tame your tongue.

“Don’t speak bad words”

“Don’t speak bad words”

Never say bad words even if bad words have been hurled at you. Doing so makes you stoop down to his/her level. People have the tendency to show compassion to underdogs. It may hurt your pride but conquerors are because they can control their emotions, much more so if they can take their tongues.

5. Be ready.

Be careful when you are walking away. It is not always a welcome gesture especially for those who have instigated the argument. It would seem that you are disrespecting his/her concern. Be aware of the possible hurling of physical objects like things on the table like notebook or pen, or from below like a shoe or stool, or something attached to the body like a hand or a foot. However, do not make it obvious; otherwise, it may be another trigger for a bad situation.

Arguments do happen but you can avoid it if you set your mind to it. A sane person would not welcome it from someone they love, much more from someone they hate and are in the same work space they are in. Learn how to avoid them.